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About RVTS Sør
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About RVTS Sør

We train professionals and helpers so that they can improve their relational skills and become more empathetic helpers.

About Us

RVTS Sør is a resource centre for psychological traumas. We have a broad range of professionals that turn knowledge into practice through courses, programmes and information work. We do institutional capacity-building, we do not offer treatment or one-to-one consultations.

We specialize in developmental or complex traumas and child and adolescent trauma awareness. Our mission is to contribute to a professional development of services in the fields of refugee health and forced migration, violence, psychological traumas, psychosocial emergency preparedness and suicide prevention.

Our values commit us to contribute - helping helpers to become better at improving relational skills. We wish to be relevant, accountable, knowledge-based and innovative in order to contribute to a holistic competency development that also works in real life. Our longer programmes are run with implementation support, while our shorter programmes and projects are not.

We are here so that traumatised children and families can get the best help from the best professionals. We are here to help professionals become even better at what they do. We are here to make a difference. We will focus on developing knowledge. We will also touch people, by telling stories from real life. We will create movement in the services that exist for the sake of helping people. We are here to be noticed. And we are here to serve children and meet them eye to eye, on their own terms.

Contact Us

Sørlandet kunnskapspark
Universitetsveien 19
4630 Kristiansand

Phone: +47 22 58 60 00
E-mail: post@rvtssor.no

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